Keeping Dogs Cool

Living in comfort is every one's desire and definition of a home. There are many aspects and appliances that we can utilize to create a comfortable and conducive environment in the home, air conditioning systems being at the top of the list.  Comfort however shouldn't be only limited to our spaces, even our pets do deserve it.  If you are a dog owner, you should consider installing an air condition system in their shelters.

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Benefits of Air Conditioning Systems for Dog Shelters

The best way to show love to your dog is by ensuring they are comfortable and happy.  This however can be quite a challenge especially during extreme temperatures in winter and summer.  The temperature changes during these periods have adverse effects on pets just like in humans.  Here are some of the benefits of air conditioning for your dog.

Reduces Dehydration

Extremely hot temperatures can cause dehydration in dogs. The situation can get worse with humidity in the picture. Air conditioning will help you maintain favorable temperatures for your pet.  Dogs do need air conditioning during summer to keep them cool, more especially for dogs with thick coats.Prevent Heatstroke

When you don't take care of your dog during the hot season, they are likely to experience heatstroke. You can know your dog is having such if they are panting heavily, having a rapid heartbeat, glazed eyes, dizzy, experiencing difficulty in breathing and seizures, being unconscious, and even vomiting.  Having favorable temperatures not only helps your dog feel comfortable but also keeps their health in check. 

Reduces the risks of hyperthermia

Most healthy do not have issues with cold temperatures unless they are below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  When below 20 degrees, your fog is at risk of getting hyperthermia. During extremely cold temperatures use an air conditioning system to get it to around 70 degrees.  Consider having a ductless ac system with smart controllers to keep your dog's shelter temperature in check. Ideal temperatures to guarantee your dog's comfort are subject to several factors. Get to consider your dog's size, weight, coat of hair among others. How to keep dogs cool 
Athletic dogs like huskies are greatly affected by heat. Such dogs do not have an issue running during cold seasons but running in the heat for long distances is not healthy.  How then do you keep your dog comfortable and safe during summer?

  • Walks and runs should be done early in the morning or late in the evening
  • Keep them hydrated by drinking lots of water
  • Use an air conditioner or cooling vests
  • void shaving their coats for it protects them against sunburns

Bottom Line 

A number of dog owners are cautious about using ac in their dog shelters with the fear of the risks associated. The fact is, you need to maintain optimum temperatures, when the ac is not set well, it could have adverse effects.  An air conditioner can only affect your dog if the right settings are not made.  An AC is however safe and ideal during extreme temperatures.