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Update: St Paul Winter Carnival Sled Dog Race, White Bear Lake, MN

A minimum of 3-4 inches of new snow will be needed in the upcoming few days in order for a safe trail to be established on the lake. 5-8 inches will be required in order to provide a trail surface which will secure a musher's snow hook, necessary to anchor a team in place when stopped. For safety reasons, the 10-dog class will be cancelled unless snow hooks can be set. All other classes will still take place if a safe trail can be created which may or may not be able to secure a snow hook.

The North Star Sled Dog Club will be making a final decision on whether to postpone or cancel the race on Sunday, January 20, 2013. The results of this decision will be posted on the race website (www.wintercarnivalsleddograce.com), the North Star Sled Dog Club’s website (www.nssdc.org), Sled Dog Central (www.sleddogcentral.com), and announced via standard media outlets.


Calling all snowmobilers, plow truck drivers
and shovel owners!

If the decision is made to go forward with the race, the North Star club will need the help of the local community to establish the trail. Please contact

joe@experiencesleddogs.com to volunteer, and help save this historic piece of the St. Paul Winter Carnival!

Due to the lack of sufficient snowfall following the recent warm conditions, the fate of this year’s St. Paul Winter Carnival Sled Dog Race, scheduled for January 26-27, 2013, is in question. While ice thickness on Bald Eagle Lake (White Bear Lake, MN) remains more than sufficient, the minimal snow cover will not support the creation of a trail at this time.

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