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NSSDC Volunteers Needed

Winter Carnival Race: If you or someone you know is interested in helping with the planning and execution of the Winter Carnival race, please let Sally Bair or Joe Fessler know. In addition, we are seeking volunteers to be involved in the following events associated with the race: 

Kids Mutt Race:
NSSDC is still finalizing plans with Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet, but our hope is to have a number of events at their store locations to promote the Kids Mutt Race. These events would involve bringing dogs and equipment to walk families with children through everything they will need to know to get themselves ready to participate in the Kids Mutt Race. We plan to have a set “curriculum” developed by the time of the events. Although the dates are not established at this time, please let Joe Fessler know if you are interested in being involved. The Kids Mutt Race is usually for kids ages 8-15.

Winter Carnival Parades:
NSSDC would like to have representation in one or both of the Winter Carnival parades this year. Unfortunately, the daytime parade is typically the Saturday of our event. However, it would be fantastic if we can find a few non-racing members to handle this parade. The torch light parade is the following week during the evening sometime. Please let Bob Bzdok or Joe Fessler know if you are interested in being a part of the parade.

NSSDC Event at Infinite Campus:
Joe Fessler’s work has requested that the club come out this January on either the 3rd, 9th, or 10th during the work day to provide a brief talk on sled dogs and skijoring, some demos, and a handful of dog sled rides for the top contributors to the company’s Toys for Tots campaign. Please let Joe Fessler know if you are interested in being involved in this event and which of the dates would work for you. Note that the club will be receiving a donation from Infinite Campus for providing the programming.

Girl Scout Events:
Joe Fessler will be providing educational dog sled programming to a number of Girl Scout groups again this winter. He is looking for additional mushers to come and share their experiences with the scouts. Fessler has structured programming, including hands on activities, to be presented at these events. Please let him know if you are interested in participating, and he will provide additional details and dates/locations.

Midwest Mountaineering Winter Expo, Nov. 16-18:
NSSDC will require a handful of volunteers to occupy the booth Friday November 16 through Sunday November 18 during Expo hours. This involves talking to customers about the sport, the dogs, the club, upcoming events and promoting new membership applications. Please let Joe Fessler know if you are able to help out!

Volunteers are needed for the following North Star Sled Dog Club events and activities.

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