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ISDVMA Handbook

The ISDVMA (International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association) has recently negotiated a contract with to market the 2015, 3rd Edition of the popular and long-awaited Musher and Veterinary Handbook. The last edition was printed in 2000, so the new edition has a lot of new material to offer. The long wait is over. See below on how to order.
Jerry Vanek, DVM
Edition of Musher and Veterinary Handbook, 3rd 2015 – Now available for purchase online

After having been asked by the ISDVMA board to help making the 3rd Ed. of the handbook available for purchase online, this task has been completed. However, the book can still be ordered directly through the ISDVMA ( as well.

Please note that a few changes to the version that was completed in 2014 were indicated, among others the page numbers shifted and I added a short addendum on publications to the end of the book. This may make a difference if using the book as reference for scientific articles.

The book is available through LuLu Press, Raleigh, NC. Interested readers can purchase the book by going to – click on shop and search for “Musher and Veterinary Handbook” or they can use the link below to get immediate access to the ordering page.  

The price has been determined by the ISDVMA board members. Every purchase will create revenue to support the ISDVMA; authors or editors do not obtain any royalties.
Ordering works worldwide. Once ordered, Lulu determines the location of the buyer, and the closet printing facility to him/her will print and ship the book. Shipping is expected within 3-5 business days.

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